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I miss Chewy.

So I have a graduation date, which is kind of scary!

Apparently I am ready to be graduated in August 2007. This means that I'm to be starting to looking for jobs pretty gosh darn soon; I need to get a CV and resume together, and apparently we're going to be working on applying for jobs starting full blast in December.

This is kind of neat but also pretty scary. I've been at Case for so long, and I've had a lot of fun here. I really like the people in my department, and I really like what it is I do. So it's pretty scary to know that it's going to end, and that there's a definite stopping point. It's also scary trying to find a job; I'm not sure how to begin exactly, and it's kind of odd to have to worry about that. Additionally, I need to start writing my dissertation and find a conference to attend, yikes!

Ah well.

In other news, surveying is going pretty well; things are winding up, and they're out working on their final project. Chewy and Beanton are doing well, too! Mike and I just saw the new James Bond movie. Daniel Craig is kind of a killing machine.
I didn't think I was, but I was thinking about movies that I really like, and a lot of them are pretty violent. Examples are:

The Departed (which Mike and I saw on Friday, and which I thought was really super good)
A History Of Violence
The Godfather
V For Vendetta.

The other movies that I really like are:
Donnie Darko (which is not super violent, but it is pretty odd)
Big Fish (not really violent at all)
High Fidelity (again, not violent)
The Lion King (decidedly not violent :)).

And that's my comment.
... is so funny...

Why can't he write more books????
This is an interesting radio show. It's I think maybe a little superficial, since it's so short, but it's interesting and sad.

It's really pretty poor what happened to some people. I know security is important, but it's still not right. It seems just like Japanese internment camps in WWII. I can't believe that it's worth ruining normal people's lives who haven't done anything just because they're of a certain ethnic background. That just seems decidedly unfair and really archaic -- it seems pathetic that it's the year 2006, and people are still doing things like this to one another.

Oh well. Everything gets better as time progresses, I guess.
It's update time!

Beans is really cute but really kind of annoying. He's kind of nocturnal, which I suppose isn't abnormal for a cat. He gets bored at night, though, and he likes to climb all over me while I'm trying to sleep. He purrs really loudly and stomps all over me, and he uses his little paws to press ticklish areas of my body. Last night he was pressing the little cleft of skin right under my nose and above my upper lip. Somehow he's figured out the most sensitive areas of my body and presses them over and over, trying to get me to wake up.

Teaching surveying is going well, I think! This year's class is big at 25 students; this is very large for our department. The faculty are really happy about this, as it means that more undergraduates are choosing civil engineering. I remember when I first started graduate school it seemed as if Case had money coming out the wazoo with the whole rebranding campaign and the MTV commercials and the VP debate; now we basically have nothing, and I'm not sure why. Things have been really bleak in the civil department especially, as we've never been a big department anyways, and there have been rumors floating around that we're going to be eaten by the mechanical engineering department. So having 25 students is a really hopeful sign that maybe we'll get big again.

One thing that I've noticed about doing the limited teaching that I have is that it's kind of a let-down when you teach a class a repeated time, just cause you completely have to start over with the students; you get a batch of them through an entire semester and they mostly know all the course content, and then you have to start completely over once the next semester begins with a whole new set of students who -- not through any fault of their own -- don't know anything. It's not so bad with teaching surveying, cause at least I have spring and summer semester off; I remember it being really depressing when I TAed statics four semesters back-to-back and had to restart from vectors every single time. But I guess that's something you get used to after a while if you stay on the teaching end of things. I do like teaching surveying a lot.

Mike and I went to see V For Vendetta at Strosacker this past Friday. This was the second time we saw it, and I really like that movie. I went to Borders on Sunday and bought the graphic novel and read it yesterday and today. I think like the movie more; sorry, Alan Moore! Mike and I also saw Little Miss Sunshine a couple of weekends ago. That's an entirely different type of movie, but I really liked that movie, too.

Ross very kindly built a laptop for me out of two broken and discarded laptops that Mike brought home from work. So I am now officially cool since I have a laptop, woo hoo! I was going to have super awesome geek cred and have it just run Linux, but we decided to put Windows on it so that I can use it to teach my class AutoCAD. So this semester I will be all high-tech with the projector in the computer lab, sweeeeet... We'll see if it works out correctly.

Long weekends are great. Going back to school tomorrow may result in a really sleepy Judy.
Crayon Factory!!!!!

:) :) :)

Surveying class is going well so far. I think it's going better than last year so far, yay!
So I recently got an E-mail from my friend Todd whom I haven't talked to a couple of years. I'm kind of really bad at keeping in touch with people, just because of how awkwardly shy I am sometimes. It's not that I don't want to keep in touch with (most) people, it's just that the longer I don't talk to someone, the weirder it gets to contact them again. I said this in my E-mail to Todd (whom I was happy to hear from), and he wrote back something to the effect of he understands, that he's worried that when someone gets an E-mail from him, they'll think he's contacting them out of loneliness and has made no friends since the last time he's talked to them and is socially still stuck in high school. I laughed out loud when I read that, because that's pretty much exactly how I feel. Lots of social type skills and graces really elude me, and I don't know lots of people deal with these things on a normal basis. Either I'm oblivious to things which people think I really ought to see, or I worry about little tiny details that no one else seems to notice. I think they must have covered all these things that week in fifth grade I had chicken pox and was out sick.

I just finished reading Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris, and I know it's probably old news, because I always read books about one or two or many years after they're super popular, but I really liked it and thought it was super funny. Recently I've seen the movies Strangers With Candy and Lady in the Water, too. I liked both of them, though I can see why someone might not like the latter. I also saw Pirates of the Caribbean, which I thought was kind of silly, oh well!

In work news, things at school are going surprisingly well, knock on wood! It seems as if I might actually be able to do this after all, but I'm scared of making that pronouncement, cause there are always weird things that pop up. I've also been climbing a decent amount and going swimming a decent amount. I think my leg has totally healed up, which is great. My knee is popping really quietly, but I think it's still ok to run.

Additionally, Jay and I randomly ended up at a Puerto Rican Street Festival today, wow! I got a free coloring book, but I don't think I'll ever be able to solve the Jumble puzzles due to my lack of knowledge of Spanish. I know how to say, "Donde esta el Sombrero?" but I think that's about it.

I may have to walk to East Coast Custard tonight for ice cream, hmmm....
Everyone must watch this video now.

Japan is one weird place!
(1) Jon and Brian Horrocks visited last last week, which was super fun. Mike had just moved into his new apartment, and they stayed over at his air-conditioned place. It's super fun to have friends over, and Brian and Jon are just really funny. Brian ate lots of Spree and Tat-Ums and Gustados. :)

(2) I ran a race last Sunday and didn't get a very good time, oh well! I got a time of 26:23, which is over a minute slower than my previous times. My groin was still bothering me, and it was a really hot course. My groin is still bothering me a little, so I took this past week off. I'm going to try running again tomorrow, and I really hope that I can start running on a regular basis again. Groin injuries really, really stink.

(3) Greta had a baby! Click on the links for directories of more pictures. The baby is super cute, and Greta is a very good mom. :)